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Cleaners are an incredible help because they take over all the household chores with enthusiasm. Afraid to entrust the inside of your home to someone else? You can rely on PCS! The fairies from PCS cleaning center provide successful cleaning services every day. Once you've had a taste of it, it's hard to do without!
Are you looking for

one-off or regular cleaning services?

It is the customer who chooses everything; frequency, duration, nothing is imposed on them!

Do not hesitate to outline what you need for your first cleaning session. Then, walk around the different rooms with your household helper. This is essential the first time for an efficient but realistic service!

Many people opt for tasks that tend to get forgotten. The cleaner is there to provide the best cleaning! Regular services focus more on day-to-day tasks so you can enjoy a clean and tidy house from Monday to Sunday

PCS cleaners also regularly clean Vacation homes. This is the ideal solution for changeovers between guests to guarantee that the accommodation gets great reviews.

And what about cleaning before a property inspection? It’s a bit of a nightmare for anyone preparing to leave a rental property! Who hasn’t experienced the anxiety of potentially not getting their deposit back? To make sure the odds are in your favor, choose a professional to carry out complete, in-depth household cleaning.


Our Cleaners

Usually, we assign a team of at least one or two cleaners to each job. We try to allocate the same crew to regular booking to ensure a consistent service. Our expert cleaners are carefully selected and screened and then fully trained to give them a deep understanding of products and procedures and help them always provide top-quality services.

They are adept in cleaning various surfaces and all textiles, including even the most delicate fabrics. Our professionals will clean thoroughly and get rid of any dirt, dust, grime, and stains. Our teams are equipped with high-end professional equipment provided by the leading manufacturers in the industry.